Welcome to Luminescence. This is a play-by-post roleplay based on J.K. Rowling's hit series, Harry Potter, most specifically revolving around the plot of the main books. This is an alternate universe roleplay. It follows the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends, beginning with his first year at Hogwarts.

Both original and canon characters are accepted, and both are encouraged. Canon and original characters will have their own impact upon the plot and may even change its course. The board and its owners are not affiliated with the Harry Potter series or its publishers. Please register under whatever username you would like. The staff will change your username to that of your character once he/she is approved.


  • Rules: The rules for the forum, the roleplay, the wiki, and the IRC.
  • Creating Your Character: A guide on character creation, for both canons and originals.


  • Character Index: An index of all characters stored on the wiki.
  • Canon Characters: What canon characters are available, what are taken, and an index on all.
  • Original Characters: An index of all original characters stored on the wiki.
  • NPC Characters: An index of all major NPC characters.
  • Face Claims: Some people like to use actors/actresses for their characters. For those who desire that option, there is Face Claim.
  • Who Plays Who: The people behind the characters, and their character lists.


The WorldEdit

  • Wands -- All about wands, their materials, and what you can and cannot have.

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